Monday, April 6, 2009

senior thesis collection photoshoot

Well, it's finally done... almost. Of course, there are still belt loops to be sewn and hooks & eyes to be attached but for the most part, it's done. There will be exclamation points involved once all the finishing touches have been added but for now I will just show you some photos. Rich's niece N. hammed it up for the camera yesterday on a surprisingly gorgeous sunny afternoon amidst several gloomy rainy ones. My friend Veronica [affectionately known as V-dog, and referred to as such hereafter on this blog] came along and used N.'s brother J. as a model for her adorable "Lost Boys"-inspired collection [a la Peter Pan]. We could not have gotten luckier with our beautiful weather and super cute models!

And today you get a bonus photo: N.'s little sister S. looking oh-so-adorable -- even though she's not wearing my clothes :)