Monday, December 29, 2008



I decided to create this space to share my design work from school, sewing and craft projects, recipes I've tried out, and the little stories of the everyday. I thought it would be nice to start by sharing some photos from my first day of winter break, the day I decided to start this journal.

The morning began with sleeping in late & some tasty egg sandwiches [mine didn't have sausage but this one was more fun to photograph!] My new favorite condiment to put on everything is sriracha and egg sandwiches are brought to a whole new level with this stuff. I'm not someone who normally puts hot sauce [like Tabasco] on my eggs but sriracha is amazing. If you like spicy foods & you are not already on the sriracha train, I strongly suggest you go pick up a bottle!

The lower tip of Manhattan through the snow, as seen from our balcony.

From here you can see our lower neighbors' much larger balconies. I was jealous of the snow that they were able to accumulate -- I would definitely make a snowman if I had one of those balconies.

I made some fudge as gifts for Rich's nieces & nephews & for the people who work in our building. I used this recipe from Heidi Swanson's blog 101 Cookbooks. I just received her cookbook Super Natural Cooking for my birthday from my dad & I'm super excited about trying a bunch of the recipes in it!

The fudge: all wrapped up.

Rich enjoyed the leftover scraps left in the pan after I cut up the fudge.

Later that night, I met up with my good friend Raven and her dad to go to her class show [she's in the Fine Arts department at Parsons]. We grabbed some awesome sushi at my favorite Japanese restaurant from my old neighborhood, Mizu.

Inside Raven's cozy, peaceful fort, her contribution to the show. I am so proud of this girl & the work she has done this year!

My snowy walk home later that night along the water.

I hope you'll stop back again as I update with progress on teaching myself how to crochet, attempts at bread-baking, & the sewing of my senior thesis collection!


  1. The Huy Fong brand of sriracha has potassium sorbate in it so I've never bothered...did you find a brand that doesn't have preservatives? Oh snow, that scares me while I'm sitting here on Bonaire...but the fudge looks delish! So what makes you think you'll update a blog when you gave up on LJ ages ago ;-)

  2. We have not found a brand without the preservatives but it's so tasty we're willing to overlook that fact. :)