Friday, January 9, 2009

Sweet things

It's hard to go wrong with butter, sugar, and flour. Especially when you add some vanilla or chopped almonds, right? My mom and I had some fun in her kitchen recreating some of my grandmother's traditional Danish cookie recipes. Unfortunately I was too busy rotating cookie trays in and out of the oven to take any photos of the cookie-covered kitchen counters [try saying that three times fast!] but here's a nice shot of the final results.

The "recipes" we followed were really just ingredients and measurements [in grams] and oven temperatures [in Celsius] all written in Danish, with no instructions except what my mom remembered from making them as a kid.

I would like to mention that this week our little pupparoni turned 11! Penny's gone through some rough patches over the past year but she's been doing well lately so her birthday was quite the happy occasion. Check out the cute photo of the birthday pup that Rich snapped this afternoon in our "backyard."

We had a pretty chill New Year's Eve. Hung out at home, watched movies, and then watched awesome fireworks from our couch! Yes, we have the pleasure of a beautiful view from the couch in our living room. Water, clouds, birds, cruise ships, helicopters, sail boats, and even, briefly, a waterfall.

On New Year's Day, Rich's nieces bigA & littleA came up for a sleepover. Let me tell you, there are few things more fun than spending a night eating Flavor-Ice while playing MarioKart 64, "chubbybunny" [see photo below], and Crazy Eights with these girls!

Someone came up with the brilliant idea of playing "chubbybunny" [a game in which each player puts as many marshmallows as possible into their mouth while saying "chubbybunny" after each 'mallow is inserted] with grapes. While I stood at the ready to practice those wonderful CPR skills I learned in high school health class, Rich helped count grapes and took videos while the girls giggled and spit mangled grapes on the counters. I cannot tell you the last time I laughed that hard. These girls are beyond-words funny and such a blast to hang out with!

Speaking of A & A, I've been meaning to share this photo of the cake I made for their brother D's birthday/Christmas cake. This came about as a result of my first [failed] fudge attempt from around Christmas-time. I accidentally put a whole can of coconut milk into my fudge instead of just two-thirds of a cup, which resulted in a perfect frosting consistency and so that is what it became!

Pretty good for a nice Jewish girl, no?

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  1. mmm coconut, chocolate fudge icing...sounds good to do the butter cookies as seen in blue tins...too bad I'd have to go to Cranford and make em with your mom to figure out how