Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thesis work

I've finally re-sketched and scanned my drawings of my senior thesis collection, which I have been developing since this summer. It's six looks, spring/summer, for girls ages 6-10. Inspired by vintage kitchens and aprons, there's a lot of florals, plaids, fun appliques, and hand

Today was my first fitting in real fabric for the collection! This is the look that will be photographed for our senior class lookbook. There's still some finishing touches to be added but I'm quite happy with how it turned out. The denim jacket created some issues but it looks wonderful now. Unfortunately, I had some problems teaching myself how to crochet so I didn't do that part myself but it turned out great, thanks to the handiwork of Hillary Livingston.

I will leave you with my current inspiration boards in my office. I put up new stuff over winter break and I'm finding them quite inspiring! I love these magnet boards from IKEA -- there's much easier to work with than your average cork board and pushpins.

[ps. you can click on any image on my blog to view it larger if you'd like!]


  1. Hey Sara!

    Your children creation makes me very impressed. I like it - and the denim jacket is dashing (can you say that word about a jacket in English?). You have developed so much during your study the last year! Now it is soon the "Grande Finale" and I know you´re doing great. I hope you are enjoing having practise job - this may give you an idea of what it is all about. I´m sure that you will find it very inspiring and fun!

    Love, aunt Mette

  2. Thanks Aunt Mette! I'm going to post new photos of the jacket soon so you can see all the finishing details!! My mom said she had a great time visiting last weekend -- I hope she gave you all lots of hugs from me! :)